Friday, August 26, 2011

#FreeTopiary Statements

The following statements have been circulating about the arrest of Jake Davis, alleged Lulzsec member Topiary.
This is a message to and about Topiary, found on twitter and pastebin (original on pastebin)

On an historical day of the days of the great Anonymous... the Simple Prankster Turned Swank Garden Hedge  - Topiary (may theLulz bless his soul) has been vanned in a moment of truthfulness, for he made his word truthful to his actions.

Thus, he joined the magnificent procession of the Anons that has been extended with the great leaders, loyal soldiers, and honourable knights.

He refused to accept vice in exchange for his lulz, or to submit and be humiliated by the misguided and the receivers of the wrath of Sec, who have been stricken by disgrace and misery. Topiary faced the lulz with lulz, force with force, and accepted to challenge the supercilious throngs that came out arrogantly and ostentatiously with their machinery, gear, d0x, and lack of humor.

Despite all this, his determination never wavered and his strength was never weakened; he instead stood up to them, face-to-face like a high mountain. He continued to fight the kind of battles that he was accustomed to... until he received the bullets of Sec and humorlessness to surrender his soul to its Lulz...

After a life full of efforts and diligence, courage and patience, incitement and cyber victory, generosity and charity, expatriation and travels, advice and good planning, wisdom and sophistication, the life of the Garden Hedge came to an end during this specific era.

His blood, words, attitudes, and his ending are to remain a longcat running within the junctions of Anonymous generation after generation.

If Scotland Yard succeeded in vanning Topiary, that is no shame or disgrace. Are not men and heroes killed but on the battlefields? But can the British, with their media, agents, tools, soldiers, and apparatus kill what Topiary lived and was vanned for?

Alas! Topiary did not found an organisation that lives with his life and dies with his death.

We raised his rank as he held high our lulz. We cherished him as he cherished the lulz; and through him, we frightened the totality of the unlulzy parties as Topiary feared only the shears.

If the light of Anonymous and AntiSec could be extinguished with the vanning or death of someone, it would have been already. Alas, it is not so.

We in Anonymous vow to David Davidson the Exalted and seek His support to help us go forward on the path of AntiSec that was trekked by Topiary.

We stress that Topiary's blood, bless his soul, is more precious to us and to every Anon to go in vain. It will, lulz willing, remain a curse that will chase and haunt Sec and its agents.

Very soon, lulz willing, their joy will turn into mourning and our lulz will be mixed with their tears. We will fulfill Topiary's maxim, bless his soul: 'You are free.'

The anons of Anonymous, whether in groups or individually, will not relent, despair, surrender, or weaken and will continue to plan until you are afflicted with a catastrophe that turns your very life into lulz.

We call on our Anons in the UK where Garden Hedge Topiary was vanned to revolt and wash this shame brought upon them by a band of traitors and bandits who sold out to Anonymous' enemies and disparaged the sentiment of this noble, lulzy people.

We call on Anons to revolt altogether to cleanse the world of the ProSec filth who spread mischief in the land.

The Hedge refused to depart this life before sharing with Anonymous its happiness with the revolutions against injustice and wrongdoers. He, bless his soul, tweeted a message one week before he died, which included guidance that will soon, lulz willing, be disseminated.

His message was this poetic verse: 'You cannot arrest an idea.'

Topiary – may you fly always over the horizon.
From Pastebin:

/$$$$$$                          /$$$$$$$$$$$$$   
| $$$__/                          |____ $$$____/ 
| $$$                                 | $$$
| $$$$$$  /$$$$$  /$$$$$  /$$$$$      | $$$   /$$$$$$  /$$$$$$  /$$$$$
| $$$__/ | $$$_/ | $$$_/ | $$$_/      | $$$  | $$$  $ | $$$  $ | $$$_/
| $$$    | $$$   | $$$$$ | $$$$$      | $$$  | $$$  $ | $$$  $ | $$$$$
| $$$    | $$$   | $$$_/ | $$$_/      | $$$  | $$$  $ | $$$  $ | $$$_/
| $$$    | $$$   | $$$$$ | $$$$$      | $$$  | $$$$$$ | $$$$$$ | $$$$$
|___/    |___/   |_____/ |_____/      |___/  |______/ | $$$__/ |_____/
                                                      | $$$

                                                     '8, :. 
                                     ,..`'.'' -dP()d8O8Yo8:,..`, 
                                   -o8b-     ,..)doOO8:':o; `Y8.`, 
                                  ,,.....)OOO888o' :oO.  ".  `-. 
                                , "`"d....88OOOOO8O88o  :O8o;.    ;;,b 
                               ,dOOOOO""""""""O88888o:  :O88Oo.;:o888d 
                               ""888Ob...,-- :o88O88o:. :o'"""""""Y8OP 
                               d8888.....,.. :o8OO888:: :: 
                              "" .dOO8bo`'',,;O88O:O8o: ::, 
                                 ,dd8".  ,-)do8O8o:"""; ::: 
                                 ,db(.  T)8P:8o:::::    ::: 
                                 -"",`(;O"KdOo::        ::: 
                                   ,K,'".doo:::'        :o: 
                                    .doo:::"""::  :.    'o: 
        ,..            .;ooooooo..o:"""""     ::;. ::;.  'o. 
   ,, "'    ` ..   .d;o:"""'                  ::o:;::o::  :; 
   d,         ,;                      ::oo:;::o"'.:o 
  ,d'.       :OOOOO8Oo::" '.. .               ::o8Ooo:;  ;o: 
  'P"   ;  ;.OPd8888O8::;. 'oOoo:.;..         ;:O88Ooo:' O"' 
  ,8:   o::oO` 88888OOo:::  o8O8Oo:::;;     ,;:oO88OOo;  ' 
 ,YP  ,::;:O:  888888o::::  :8888Ooo::::::::::oo888888o;. , 
 ',d: :;;O;:   :888888::o;  :8888888Ooooooooooo88888888Oo; , 
 dPY:  :o8O     YO8888O:O:;  O8888888888OOOO888"" Y8o:O88o; , 
,' O:  'ob`      "8888888Oo;;o8888888888888'"'     `8OO:.`OOb . 
'  Y:  ,:o:       `8O88888OOoo"""""""""""'           `OOob`Y8b` 
   ::  ';o:        `8O88o:oOoP                        `8Oo `YO. 
   `:   Oo:         `888O::oP                          88O  :OY 
    :o; 8oP         :888o::P                           do:  8O: 
   ,ooO:8O'       ,d8888o:O'                          dOo   ;:. 
   ;O8odo'        88888O:o'                          do::  oo.: 
  d"`)8O'         "YO88Oo'                          "8O:   o8b' 
 ''-'`"            d:O8oK                          dOOo'  :o": 
                   O:8o:b.                        :88o:   `8:, 
                   `8O:;7b,.                       `"8'     Y: 
                     `Oo; 8:. 
                       :  Y8P 
                       `o  `, 

To my dearest Lulz Lizards,

Jake Davis is perhaps the greatest digital graffiti artist of all time. A purveyor of many lulz, this swank garden hedge known as Topiary left his personal Twitter account with a quotation from famed civil rights activist Medgar Evers, "You cannot arrest an idea."

Jake wrote many lulzy press releases for both Anonymous and Lulz Security. He proved his value as a spokesperson by taking on Shirley Phelps of Westboro Baptist, slaying her hateful religious zeal with over 9,000 sins.

The Lulz Boat's journey on the seven proxseas went underway only with the aid of Jake and his natural ability to entertain. By using PBS to detail the peaceful retired life of Tupac and Biggie, Lulz Security garnered the admiration and love of hundreds of thousands.

Jake Davis tracked down Rupert Murdoch, the truest source of evil hacking, and throttled his throat. The Sun injected itself with an heroic dose of Palladium, and Media Mogul's body has not yet recovered.

There was a great purpose and an important message behind these mischevious acts of cyber-vandalism. Jake Davis brought lulz to the oppressed. He spoke in a voice that resonated globally and reached us personally. We are sick of the twisted corporatocracy that controls us through our government, our news media, and our internet. From the remote and desolate Shetland islands, Jake's voice reached millions. Perhaps the success of his message was in its simplicity, "Together, united, we can stomp down our common oppressors and imbue ourselves with the power and freedom we deserve."

Jake Davis may face jail time, but he publicly spoke of this in the most noble of terms. A jail sentence is, to him, not a failure of any sort.

It is a triumph.

"Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison." ~ Henry David Thoreau

You can help Topiary by donating bitcoins to whichever following address you trust most:
18NHixaoQekQJ3y52aBGJJwgBWX9X3myYR ~ Sabu
18zJouAQAMzX5sJygZ4M2QV7yb8FzxSbdq ~ Chronicle.SU

"You are not failures. You have not blown away. You can get what you want and you are worth having it, believe in yourself." ~ Jake Davis

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